About Julie Mata

JulieGrowing up in Barrington, Illinois, Julie Mata always loved reading and writing. She penned her first story at age six, entitled Charlotte the Horse, and was thrilled when it received a starred review from her mother. Julie was the champion four-square player during recess at Grove Avenue Elementary School, probably because she was very short and could get all those tricky low balls. She took horseback riding lessons during her middle school years and learned how to jump fences (do NOT close your eyes). And she beat her high school ceramics teachers in several hotly contested ping-pong matches.little Julie

After graduating from Oberlin College with a B.A. in English Literature, Julie worked as a reporter and part-time dee-jay at a country radio station in Colorado. She went back to school and received a masters degree in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University. Julie landed a job as a TV reporter, where she covered everything from murder trials to pig races at the county fair. She has also worked as a news producer and freelance writer.

Julie divingWhile living in Tucson, AZ, Julie’s husband worked on several Hollywood movies (Traffic, Wild Wild West, and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind). This sparked Julie’s interest in writing movie screenplays. She took some classes and eventually worked with a script doctor in L.A. on a full-length script. Unfortunately, Hollywood producers did not knock down her door begging to turn her script into a movie. After moving to Wisconsin, Julie wrote and directed a short film, shot by her husband, entitled Bus Driver. They also raised two daughters, three dogs, and ten chickens. At various times their family also had turtles, snakes, fish, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, parrots, ferrets, and a gecko.

Julie rappeling cenoteCurrently, Julie and her husband own a video production company in Wisconsin. She loves going to the movies, traveling,
reading, writing, gardening, and having amazing adventures. Yes, that is Julie scuba diving and rappelling!

Julie Mata